Thursday 11 July 2013

Plan A. Check.

A trip to the Thames this afternoon in searching of a pike, it was probably too hot but the water looked great. The plan was to lure fish with surface or just under the surface plugs and keep mobile.

And after missing a take (from a pike about 8lb) this baby pike hit the lure - I didn't care it was small, it was a pike, mission accomplished. Eyes bigger than it's belly? Almost!

I fished on for a couple of hours eventually connecting to this jack of about 4½lb, which took the plug with a swirl under my feet making me jump out of my skin. Great stuff!

The final fish to take a fancy to the plug was this little perch. Eyes bigger than it's belly? Definitely!

And I've saved the hardest plan for last... Plan B: Bream...


  1. Fantastic. Lure fishing really gets the blood boiling doesn't it!!

    Great to see you catching some fish.


    1. A great way to catch fish, especially pike. Bit like when the float bobs; when the pike hit the lure they could be 3lb or 30lb... Unless you see them do it, in which case you jump out of your skin!

      Shall be doing a few more sessions plugging on the Thames and hopefully the Wye before the Arctic conditions return later in the year.

      Glad to be catching a few fish, it was a slow start, got to get a few fish on the bank to make up for it!