Friday 12 July 2013

Plan B. Bream...

Bloody bream... My arch nemesis, you win again!

The only fish that seemed interested in our two tons of ground-bait was this 2lb 2oz eel... I'll get you one day!


  1. That eel looks like it has a smile on its face. Very hot here Wye still dropping. Roger

    1. He was smiling - he was surrounded by more bait than he could eat in a lifetime!

      Any barbel coming out of the Wye?

  2. continental bream feast13 July 2013 at 18:16

    Bread soaked in milk is supposed to be a good bait for bream during the summer months, according to continental angling writers.The milk also helps making an attractive cloud in the water.

    1. Thanks Ollie, I think you told me that last year and I never tried it - I will this time.

      I think my main problem is locating the bream, think I'm going to have to find some likely looking spots, bait and wait... I'll get one!

  3. Bread soaked in milk is what we used to put out for the Hedgehogs. Good luck unhooking one of them;)


    1. Bare in mind the season is less than a month old, things I have unhooked include:

      2x Juvenile coots
      1x Fellow angler

      Both coots (I caught one myself) were on barbless hooks and the process was easy and didn't harm them.

      The angler was hooked fair and square through the lip with a barbed hook - with no wire cutters between us I crushed the barb down the best I could and yanked it out quickly... He said thank you, but his face said AARRRGGGGHH!

      Better than 6 hours waiting in casualty and an embarrassing appointment with the doctor... And probably a convert to barbless hooks!