Thursday 9 February 2012

Wye - Monster!

A couple of hours piking on the Wye this afternoon, and it wasn't looking good. Both myself and Roger had been ledgering sprats for a couple of hours with no interest. I decided to try a float-fished sprat over a snag about a foot from the bank.

After about half an hour the float bobbed, then remained still for a few seconds before hammering down. I struck and realised I was connected to a good fish - unfortunately the pike had gone through a snag beneath my feet. The most frustrating fight then look place as the pike headed out to open water while all I could do was wind her back to the snag... Hard going and no fun at all.

Eventually I had her beat, and she lay in the water still connected to the snag. I knew she was a personal best, but was she THE fish I've been chasing for 20 years?

I pulled her and the snag over the net, and as she was about three-quarters of the way in the f**king line broke!

I seriously think it's going to give me nightmares!


  1. Gutted for you Brian, its always worse when you see how big they are before they come off! At least you know where she hangs out!

  2. < expletives deleted >

    And a line break, sheesh - hopefully she's none the worse for it and you know where she is. The truth is out there and the monsters are real.

  3. Yeah, after the initial feeling of gutted it's a worry that the pike might still have the trace... It's barbless so hopefully it will fall out... I'll just have to catch her to make sure.

  4. Oh my god, Thats a real bummer Brian, But i know what your like you wont rest until you have her sorted,

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  6. Bad luck mate. She probably shook the hook free pretty soon after. Let's hope so anyway, these things happen and you can only do your best.

  7. Just about over it now (nearly a week later). Hopefully she shook the hook free. Roger is still after her until the end of the season - so her photo might yet appear on here!