Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bait Vs Sales Call

I've just finished preparing the dead baits for the forthcoming trip to Penton Hook. While in the middle of cling-film-hell I had a phone call, an annoying sales call, but I seem to have stumbled onto a way to get rid of them quickly:

Sales Girl: Hello, can I speak to the home owner please?
Me: Yes that's me, Captain Richard Superman the third...
Sales Girl: For f*ck's sake - hung up.

I hope they recorded that one for training purposes!


  1. Ha ha, like it. I had an Asian chap ring me and introduce himself as Peter Parker. I proceeded to tell him I'd always wanted to meet Spiderman and it was a real pleasure talking to him in person, a dream come true. I managed to keep him talking about Spiderman for around four minutes before he hung up. I've no idea what he was trying to sell. Maybe it was the Daily Bugle?

  2. That sounds like a plan. Ill try that one today. I say today because i know i will get at least 3 or 4 by the evening...
    Hello my name is Esox lucius might be worth a try