Sunday 25 September 2011

Penton Hook II

A second trip to Penton Hook in search of a pike. I'd been looking forward to it for two weeks, since last time we were here, and I thought with a bit more knowledge we were sure to find a pike or two. Unfortunately it wasn't to be - no pike today!

Darren did manage a new PB perch while fishing for bait, 2lb 1oz.

And I avoided a blank with this 1lb 6oz perch to bleak live bait.

Nothing to do except sit back and wait for a run...

The lock keeper told us that nobody had caught anything today, even the people fishing from boats, so the perch saved the day. But I'm looking forward to coming back, hopefully the pike will play next time...


  1. Unlucky not to take a Pike or two Brian, But no skunk having caught the Perch, And well done Dan on the new PB mate your having some good fishing lately,
    All the best guys,

  2. Nice stripeys!!

    And a shameless plug for the new book!!


  3. looks like a nice stretch of water