Saturday 17 September 2011


I had a couple of hours free today so I popped down the river to do some exploring. I wanted to see where Dan got his barbel yesterday in the daylight - and it's shallow. I took some kit, mostly because you get strange looks when you are loitering about on a riverbank wearing sunglasses with no fishing gear.

I was interested in the swims we tend to walk straight past and I've found a few I'd like to try. I did see a few chub, some koi and a couple of carp. There is a lot of exotic species in the river but there is one fish that isn't present... So I was surprised when I peered into one swim and saw this:

Water! No if you look closely there is something hidden in the water...

A quick look at my watch revealed I didn't have time to get home, grab my pike kit and get back to the river without incurring the wrath of TC when she finished work. But pike are territorial and hopefully she will be there next week. Only about 6 or 7lb, but now I've seen it...

And the barbel fishing, I only had about 9 or 10 casts for no fish, but I've found some new places I'd like to try... And a new target...


Edit: 13 June 2012
I know this is one of the most viewed posts on this blog... Is it a pike? James from My Fishing Exploits has a much better photo of it here.


  1. Criky heck it hurts your eyes trying to see it but its definately waiting for a hook haha great photograpy,

  2. It was much, much easier to see in real life - especially through polarized sunglasses, but I had to get a photo because I didn't think anyone would believe me. But the photo is a bit like those ones of the Lock Ness monster... is it or isn't it?

    A sprat and a bit of luck should prove it!

    Cheers Paddy

  3. Stilled legendary depth;
    It was as deep as England. It held
    Pike too immense to stir, so immense and old
    That past nightfall I dared not cast

    But silently cast and fished
    With hair frozen on my head
    For what might move, for what eye might move
    The still splashes on the dark pond

    Ted Hughes: Pike (part of)