Thursday 22 September 2011

Kevin & Chums

Couple of quick trips to the river this week, Tuesday evening me and Dan hit the river after some barbel. Dan got this 3lb 7oz chub and I added a 4lb 0oz barbel to the challenge. Then yesterday afternoon Dan continued his search for barbel while I tried to find a roach, but fishing was slow. After an hour or so I connected to a fish and the conversation went like this: Brian: I've got one! Dan: Is it a good fish? Brian: It's Kevin... And we both knew exactly what we were talking about! It was the same koi that Dan had a couple of weeks ago, Kevin the Koi. I got a photo of the other side of the fish. I followed this with a barbel about 6oz, a dace and a yoda. The first yoda I've ever caught! I forgot to weigh it but it's a new PB. Dan didn't have any luck with the barbel, and it's getting cooler, I think we're running out of time to catch a double this year... But it only takes one bite...


  1. Great fishing guys, The Koi is fantastic wish they were in our waters as well, Mind you i think somone would take them for there pond,
    And you caught a Yoda, Thats a PB i cant better,
    But i have a Frank iefield tune in my head now i have seen this,
    She taught me to Yoda, Or somthing like that haha
    This has to be the strangest fishing blog i have read for a long while,
    Excelent Blogging Brian,