Tuesday 2 August 2011

Tough Going...

Saturday 30 July
I'd seen some small trout while fishing for barbel, only about 6 inches or so, but decided to try and catch one. An afternoon float fishing maggots was in order - no trout showed but I did catch about a dozen small roach and dace, a lot of fun. The biggest roach was only about 4oz but they are very pretty fish so I decided to take a photo, it was at this point I realised I'd committed the blogger's sin and forgotten the camera - I think I'd forgotten it on the previous trip as well.

Thursday 28 July
An evening session after barbel with Darren, I tried whitebait, Darren stuck with luncheon meat - no barbel showed - they are wising up to us and nothing took a fancy to the experimental new bait. Darren had a couple of eels on meat, and for the last cast I switched to meat and added another eel! No barbel for a couple of weeks - need to do something about that...


  1. We all forget the camera from time to time, But well done on the catch, {Dead Baits ?} As for the Barbel and the Lucheon Meat, Have you tried dipping the meat into a some Marmite or Vegimite, Worked a treat years ago, Never know your luck Brian,
    All the best,

  2. Well, I'm joining you too. Blanks on last two sessions on Dynamite Shrimp Boilies. Rising water temps? We are heading to thos dog days of summer when it can get a little difficult, for sure. I had a wander down the lower bits to find some new swims, but nothing stands out. V difficult access around King George V park. The river is seperated by a concrete berm around Summerley Street/Steerforth street and runs very shallow indeed. Not a sign of even a minnow! Might have to look elsewhere....Jason

  3. Cheers Paddy, you've reminded me - we were using luncheon meat in curry sauce last year and they loved it. I'll give it a blast next time.

    Hi Jason, yeah it's getting tricky, a couple of people have told me they are feeding early mornings at the moment so I'm going to give that a try. And I'm also on the look-out for some new swims. See you on the riverbank soon.