Saturday 6 August 2011

Bar Of Gold

Afternoon session on the Wandte... And I've just remembered I'm supposed to be somewhere else, I'll write this tomorrow...

...Afternoon session on the Wandte and I was after roach and Dan was after barbel. I started with float fished maggots and was soon into some tiny little chub, most of which fell off as I swung them in although I did catch 3 of them. I swapped over to legered maggot, had a great bite first cast and landed the brown goldfish above, about 10oz.

I then missed loads of little rattly bites before connecting with a better fish, a barbel 2lb 1oz, not the roach I was after but I wasn't complaining! A few bites later I hit another little fish, I was pretty sure it was the smallest barbel I'd ever seen but it fell off as I swung it in, so I put it down as a lost gudgeon.

Mini barbel, a pretty rare catch!

A while later I had another one, this time no doubt, the smallest barbel I'd ever seen, I'd say about 3oz. I was really pleased to see this little fish, they are very rarely caught at this size.

The roach weren't playing so I swapped over to meat and had an eel to wrap things up. And Dan, Dan didn't have the best fishing trip, not a bite all afternoon. It happens to us all from time to time, he'll get them next time... Hopefully...


  1. Hahahaha thats just like the rest of us hahaha Great fish as well,

  2. Jeez, Your little River's got more exotics than a south Florida canal!!!
    Nice fish.