Wednesday 31 August 2011


Dan has been in the south of France for the last week, he has been fishing and among other things caught an octopus (I'll post the photo when he emails it to me, I've never caught one - I nearly got one in Savannah, but while I had it dangling in the air I watched it expertly unhook itself). He also managed a 2lb brulle*.

Last time I went fishing, last week, I broke my barbel reel, it ceased up and on further inspection one of the cogs had lost some teeth - unfortunately its beyond repair. I've done a lot of research but still haven't decided on its replacement. All my other gear is pike fishing stuff.

So this evening, after a week away from the Wandte, we decided to give it a couple of hours. I used a pike reel, 18lb line to a light hook link and wasn't feeling confident with the set up. A few little rattle bites in the daylight and only one real bite (after dark) and a 6lb 15oz barbel above. Perhaps its back to night fishing for a while. Great to be back on the river!

I have got my weir permit through the post and can't wait to get after a Thames pike - but we've still got a month or so to catch a Wandte double... the quest continues...

* Brulle: Dan handed his fishing gear to his wife, only for a minute (and she caught it).


  1. Nice fish. Did they feature the Chinese Mitten Crabs?

  2. That barbel looks huge i just couldnt believe it was only showing 6Lb 15oz,
    Great news about the Wandle being recognised as one of the most improved rivers,