Saturday 17 June 2023

Opener (Phat Gurl)

Heading out in search of a rudd now, but I couldn't resist a quick trip to the river yesterday on the opening day - trying to remember how to tie a hook on and which side of the bail arm the line goes!

An early morning wander on the Small River. And I found barbel, fourteen of them - mostly on floating crust. Best ones going 8lb 4oz (top), 7lb 11oz (above) and even a double 10lb 14oz (below).

This one clearly hadn't spawned yet - unhooked, weighed, photographed (missed the tail) and back in the water in less than 30 seconds - going to have to leave them alone for a week or two...


  1. Pwoper fat that one geez! Took just a few hours to bag a double, nice one indeed.

    1. A double before 9am on the opening day?! Just hope she’s not spawn bound and survives, beautiful distinctive fish with those black eyes and black top lip.

  2. Replies
    1. Brilliant to be back on the riverbank, and a few rod benders to start the season in style - I’ll take it!!