Sunday 3 October 2021

London Pike

Chasing rumors. I'm very lucky with my local fishing, I'm a walk away from some fantastic barbel, chub, trout, roach and gudgeon. There are ponds if I fancy targeting carp and canals for bream. But one species I haven't got at my fingertips is pike.

The last few seasons I have fished The Royal Parks with diminishing returns and stories of a big fish-kill that wiped out the pike. The once great Penton Hook hasn't produced a pike in years. And the river and stillwater I used to fish are no longer available on a day ticket.

Looks like I'm going to have to head away from London to find pike, my last local hope is the canals (much of which now display 'No Fishing' signs). Time to wander the towpath and chuck a few lures about. Or am I missing something right in front of me?

River pike within the London tube network, 13lb 1oz (2018).

Canal pike within the tube network, 15lb 0oz (2015).

Tube network stillwater pike, 11lb 12oz (2015).

A Penton Hook double, 17lb 8oz (2011).

Tidal Thames, boat caught double, 12lb 9oz (2017).

And my biggest London pike, 18lb 3oz (2019).


  1. some great Pike over the years

    1. Some cracking past glories - just need to find some more!

  2. Kingston threw up a big pike yesterday and Hampton Court has a good reputation near the mole inlet. I'm going tomorrow and will be focusing around Kingston, Teddington and Hampton Court.

    1. That’s great news - hopefully on the Thames later in the month. Never had any luck at Hampton Court and a bit sporadic at Kingston but I need to give it another whirl. Good luck tomorrow - let me know how you get on - cheers.