Thursday 17 December 2020

The Beer Bottle Curse?

The river looked great but time was limited, it would be getting dark in 3 hours, and had I cursed myself by bringing a celebratory bottle of beer with me? I'd convinced myself I was cursed walking to the river!

Barbel on in the first swim - until the hook pulled (cursed) - but at least I knew they were feeding. And a 5lb 0oz chub the next cast made up for it. Then the barbel gods really smiled on me...

Barbel #991 - 7lb 0oz

Barbel #992 - 4½lb

Barbel #993 - 5lb 12oz

Barbel #994 - 8lb 10oz - best of the session

Barbel #995 - 6lb 8oz

Barbel #996 - 5lb 0oz

Barbel #997 - 3lb

Barbel #998 - 3¾lb

I could almost taste the Blue Moon - but I was out of daylight - just over three hours had gone by in the blink of an eye - no surprise with action like that! Two barbel to go - hopefully I'll crack it next trip...



  1. Best of luck Brian, once you've completed it as I'm sure you will can you throw some challenge luck my way, as I need as much as I can get in March when I start the canal Zander quest again.

    1. Just need to hang on to my lucky streak for 2 more barbel - be nice to end on a brace of doubles - but any size will do!

      I really enjoy reading the Zander Quest over the closed season - and I’m really hoping you find that double this time - so best of luck (but not yet, 2 more barbel first).

  2. Yes Brian! I too share a fraction of your taste of victory from here. Loved reading that. Thanks. :)

    1. Cheers. So close now, can’t wait to get back down the river...