Wednesday 30 December 2020

River & Rock

I'd like to be out chasing pike and grayling - but it seems Tier 5 is on it's way. Hopefully I'll still be able to fish the local river - but while I'm waiting for the gudgeon, roach & perch(?) to acclimatise to the recent cold spell I'll crack on with a couple of books I got for Xmas.

I'm about half way through Monsters Of River & Rock by Adrian Smith, so far it's excellent - combining stories about fishing in London as a kid, being in one of rock's biggest bands & fishing all over the world - it is 90% fishing - and detailed - technique, bait, size of hook etc...

Next up will be The Book Of Trespass by Nick Hayes, I don't know anything about this book - given to me by my girlfriend - but the title makes me wonder exactly what she thinks I get up to when I'm fishing?! Right, bugger off Covid - it's pike time!


  1. If in doubt, read!!!
    Can't beat it.

    1. Trespass? Nearly finished River & Rock - very good!