Tuesday, 17 November 2020

On Repeat

Athough I can go pike fishing it takes two trains and about an hour to get to the closest pike (and the same on the way home) - I think it's fine driving to venues - but I'm not sure about using public transport. So although this blog is getting rather repetative I'm happy to walk down to the small river for my fishing fix - for the time being.

Another long walk (fishing fitness program?) and three more barbel added to the new challenge - 33 more needed to hit 1,000! But I do have other small river options; dace, roach and gudgeon on the radar - a trip or two with the stick 'n' pin. And still plenty of time for some post-covid pike - really hope that vaccine works!!



  1. I would agree, not sure public transport is "essential", good to be getting out in the fresh air, those Barbel just keep on coming!! 1000 in no time!

    1. I think if I couldn’t walk to water I’d be very tempted - but those local barbel are keeping me occupied for the time being... Pike fishing after lockdown, I’ll hopefully be pretty close to my 1,000 barbel target by then!?!