Thursday 27 August 2020

Quick Barbel Report (68)

Five barbel added to the challenge to about 7½lb (forgot the scales). And a reccy since the storm and subsequent flood over the weekend - trees down, new snags & the barbel are where they’re normally not.

Quick barbel report (68) additional: As I returned one of the barbel a nettle just brushed my ear - bloody hell that stings! Just when you think you're getting immune to them - you’re absolutely not!!



  1. For nettle sting I believe a concoction of mashed doc leaves and fairy liquid should work, just need to go to the States to find the person to test it on.

    1. Genuine laugh out loud! God, that brings back memories!

  2. That was me last week, stung for f**king eye lid as the nettle whipped back, felt that for about 3 days! Ouch.