Monday 31 August 2020

Butterflies 2020

Common Blue (Closed Wing)
Well I haven't photographed any new species of butterfly for over a month - and autumn is very much in the air - I think this is the full collection for the summer of 2020. A total of 28 species - something I'll try and beat next year. Scroll over for species, click for big.

Meadow Brown Common Blue
Small Tortoiseshell Small Skipper
Ringlet Heath Fritillary
Brown Argus Red Admiral
Marbled White Dark Green Fritillary
Speckled Wood Granville Fritillary
Comma Peacock Butterfly
Large Skipper Green-Vained White
Gatekeeper Dingy Skipper
Small White Brimstone
Holly Blue Large White
Small Blue Silver-Washed Fritillary
Small Copper Chalk Hill Blue
Small Heath Essex Skipper


  1. Good pics all of 'em. You must be a very patient photographer.
    Still plenty to get next year and a record of time spent, miles walked, cowpats stood in.... ;o)

    1. Cheers. Patient no, obsessive yes! Yeah, I’ll start earlier next summer - something else to get obsessed about, along with miles, cowpats, nettle stings...

  2. Cracking Brian, amazed you've not managed an orange tip was the predominant species when lockdown started near me.

    1. Saw loads before I started photographing them, I’ll get one next summer - started late in the ‘butterfly season’. Saw 4 other species that eluded the camera.