Saturday 29 August 2020

Dirty Water Chub

Once they reach around four pounds the chub on the local river become very spooky - they've been around the block a few times! You can con them into taking a bait but it's difficult. I make a mental note when I spot a decent chub - then if it rains and the water colours up I go back to see if they're still there with dirty water confidence.

I'd seen a few big chub recently while targeting barbel - and after the heavy rain last night they might want to play. Arriving at the river the water was up and dirty - perfect! Using bread I wasn't surprised my first 2 chub turned out to be barbel - probably beating them to the bait. But I'd spotted a big chub a couple of days ago just downstream.

I crept in and a chub first cast - about 3lb - right species, but not the one I was after. A brief wander about and I was back - I hit a fish, it pulled back and all it wanted to do was get in the snags - that's a big chub! Safely in the net she went 5lb 13oz - result! And just enough time for one more barbel before the rain pushed me off the river.



  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. Bit of luck really; spotted her on Wednesday (clear), it rained on Thursday, caught her on Friday (dirty water).

      Hang on - I think that’s a Craig David song!

  2. Small Chub....not impressed by anything less than 6lb now.... :-)

    1. Three ounces off - but look at the shape of it - some of them are built more like carp than chub now. But yeah, I’m after a six this season - seen them, just got to catch one...