Sunday 18 August 2019

Twelve Hours

Twelve hours is about as long as I’ll spend doing anything, so when I headed off for a bait ‘n’ wait for carp with Richard that was my time limit. And I’m not night fishing - I want a daylight thirty...

Yeah, I’m making life difficult for myself! Twelve hours is a long time without a run - and I can’t wander far in case an alarm sounds - but this is my best chance to land a wise old carp...

To break up the day this monster of a carp swam in to say hello - estimated by Richard to be 38-42lb it was inspiring to see - but it didn’t want a bait. We’ll be back monster carp, we’ll be back...


  1. That is a right porker, good luck for the future.

    I went to my syndicate lake the other day and had a 34.4 before I'd cast a second rod. They don't all involve a camping trip :o)

    1. Nice one - I could have done with an instant thirty. But I think I’m going to have to put the hours in - and I’m not known for my patience :-)

    2. From your canal trips I reckon you make Dean Macey look sluggish. Maybe nail your boots to the floor.

    3. Might have to take a decent chair and a good book next time... Or try and find one on the canals, that’s an idea...