Saturday 15 December 2018

Small Window

Don’t let the bright sunshine in the photos fool you - it’s bloody cold out there! I escaped for a quick afternoon pike fishing session on the ponds. The first pond was frozen all the way over but the next was ice-free, time to chuck a lure about...

An hour or so later with only one follow to show for my effort I cast a sprat out while I had cup of tea. The float sat for 5 minutes before hammering under resulting in a winter jack to warm me up. I hoped they had come on the feed and swapped back to lure fishing...

In the next 40 minutes I had two more pike, lost two and had a number of follows and missed takes, but then as suddenly as they had switched on they switched off. Very small feeding window - but the sun was getting low in the sky - time to retreat back to warmth!

And hello to Matt who I randomly bumped into outside Streatham Tesco on Thursday (who occasionally reads this) - quick chat about all things pike. I can’t remember where you said you were going piking yesterday, but we talked of twenties - hope you bagged one!


  1. Amazing how brief their feeding spells are! Really is a case of getting it right on the day otherwise I guess blanks can be chalked up pretty quickly! Top effort again mate.

    1. Or perhaps my obsession with this feeding window is a self fulfilling prophecy! But a few pike in the net, can’t argue, cheers.