Saturday, 29 December 2018

(Non) Frozen III

Time for the third annual Christmas fish-off, so after a Wetherspoon breakfast me, Steve and Dyl headed off into deep, dark Wales...

It was unseasonably warm and the fishing was tough going. Plenty of lost fish, we really struggled to keep them on the hook!

Long story short; Dylan won with 2 rainbows, me and Steve only landing one each - nice one Dyl, think I need more practice!

But a fantastic day as always, cheers guys, same again next Christmas? My year next time?! Right - time to find a Wye pike...


  1. Nothing beats a Spoons brekie to start a session

    1. Got to have a Spoons before going into battle!

      Nice pike by the way - tried to comment on your blog - for some reason I can’t comment on other blogs at the moment.