Friday 28 December 2018


A couple of afternoons chasing pike on the Wye, no fish but the water is fining down - hopefully I’ll get another trip in before the end of the year. But now it was time for something completely different.

Me and Steve headed to Bushyleaze, our first trip there in search of trout on the fly, and it didn’t take long to find feeding fish - both bagging two rainbows on our 4 fish tickets before breakfast.

We could have filled our tickets in no time, but we left the feeding trout and went exploring the rest of the lake. We spooked a few jacks before I bagged a couple of beautiful perch in the clear water.

Back to the trout, we wanted two more each - typically it was more difficult to find fish now. But we both bagged another rainbow each before dark. Six trout and 2 perch - a cracking day's fluff chucking!


  1. Nice one mate, those Perch are stunning ! Touch wood for the next pool today!

    1. Love clear water perch, and pretty sure that’s my best on the fly. Heard you had a rather good day yourself..!