Sunday 7 May 2017

Twenty Four Hours

The longest bait and wait I'd ever attempted and the target was an 8lb tench - this is the first venue I've fished with a realistic prospect of connecting with one.

Arriving about 5pm myself and James started by spombing out a load of bait; maggots, hemp and corn - then sat back and began our waiting game...

About two hours later a screaming alarm announced my first run, a tench that shed the hook about half way towards me.

A run half an hour later and after a careful fight my prize was in the net, a beautiful tench of 6lb 5oz, a PB by 1oz - I'll take it!

As the light faded I connected with 5 or 6 more tench and lost all but one of them - there is work to be done on my rig! The tench I landed went 6lb 5oz - very different shaped fish but same weight.

Darkness fell and with the bait topped up and just the odd eel beep here and there on the alarms, about midnight I left James to it and headed off to get some sleep.

By 5am I was back, the bait was topped up and the traps were set - we waited for the sunrise - this was why we were here...

To cut a long story short; one missed run and one lost fish - they just weren't feeding. James was having no luck either so at 4pm, after 23 hours, we called it quits and headed back to London.

I think the weather conditions were against us, but I'm happy with a new PB (twice), my first fish for the Blogger's Challenge. And we'll be back for the eight pounder in the summer...

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