Friday 28 April 2017

Blogger's Sin

Photos Or It Didn't Happen. Another trip out in search of a PB orfe, I want one over a pound to start me off and a main target weight of 5lb. And I realised I'd committed the blogger's sin and forgotten my camera. Ah well I had my phone.

James opted for a bait and wait, I opted to go stalking - I was soon into fish; crucians, carp and loads of tench but although I could see my target I couldn't tempt one. Eventually James phoned, his method had worked - only one fish but it was an orfe.

I continued catching but after walking miles round and round I went back and found James, he was chatting to a local - I won't mention names - but he recommended I moved a few yards to the left and slightly change my shotting pattern. Boom, 10 minutes later my new PB was in the net, a 3lb 4oz orfe - you can't beat local knowledge!

Luck Of The Devil. No more orfe were spotted so me and James decided to have a fishing match for the last hour and a half before dark. And at half time it was looking like a white wash - 7 tench to me (7 points) to 1 tench to James (1 point).

Then it all went quiet before a shoal of high value crucians (2 points each) arrived in front of James, the final whistle at 8pm revealed a score of 13-10 to James even though he'd caught nearly half as many fish - lucky b*stard - one point per fish next time!!

Orfe photos on James' camera to follow. Added - thanks James.


  1. Photos will be over tomorrow mate, the match was good fun and yes next time, a point per fish :) well in though on yet another PB!

    1. Cheers, hopefully bag a five next time :-)