Tuesday 6 September 2016


A very early start and me and James were on the river just after sunrise, we were going hunting cormorants with bazookas! Unfortunately bazookas are hard to acquire, even in Streatham, so we settled for a wander and a bit of fish spotting...

First up we found a big shoal of bream between 3lb and 5lb, not monsters by recent standards, so it was a bream fishing competition - first to 10 fish wins. In my defence bream are fairly new to me and James has been catching them since he was 18 months old... 10 bream to 5... Moving on...

We explored three rivers and a total of five stretches, James had a deadline of midday, and by 4pm we'd caught a total of 6 species; bream, roach, chub, dace, gudgeon and trout... OK, a bit late and no monsters but a great morning's fishing.

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