Wednesday 7 September 2016


I was just about to make a cast downstream when a big barbel flashed in front of me, I abandoned the cast and instead cast about 10 foot up and wound down so my luncheon meat was about a foot in front of the fish. As I put the rod on the floor it lurched towards the river - fish on!

A couple of powerful runs downstream and then it gave up, I wound it back - looked like a monster and I was eager to get her in the net - but when she saw the net the fight was back on.

An ancient warrior, front half of a tank and the frame of a much bigger fish. The tail was almost gone and she had seen better days, she went 9lb 14oz and I wondered what she looked like in her prime?

A quick photo and a mat shot and she swam away strongly - what a fish! On route down the river I caught one about 2lb, I'd caught a past monster and hopefully a future one...


  1. had her a few times over the last few years.massive shame about the tail,but sadly beyond klinik or bonjella.wish she could have a flipper fitted as it's always a good fight and looks huge even between 9.8 and 10.14 that i have recorded.lots of 1-2lb fish about this season though.

    1. She's come out a lot in the past I've heard, first time I've met her. An old fish but testament to good handling. Yeah a huge fish, putting a weight on her doesn't do it justice.