Sunday 11 September 2016


I just wish I had my digital scales with me, 10cm long (I measured the bait lid when I got home). The only other taker on a very quick morning stream fishing session was a trout about 2lb, I think the target chub can see the line - time to scale down further...


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    1. I remember fishing a local brook as a kid catching normal size minnows but occasionally it would throw up a real monster. Perhaps I remember them bigger than they really were, but I'm still convinced they were record breakers.

  2. That's a serious Minnow! what's the record for one of those ?

    1. 13.5 drams (24 grams), looked it up when I got home :) That's not even close but might look up some tiny kitchen scales so they're always at hand (also handy when I bump into that record gudgeon by accident).