Tuesday 21 June 2016

Rain Farm

Stormy weather coupled with the fish running behind schedule have really hampered my opening week - although I can't complain, it's great to be back on the bank.

Yesterday it chucked it down with rain all morning so I settled for a couple of hours in the evening on a chuck it and chance it mission. Fishing bread on the stick and pin I had a couple of trout and a roach, I think I would have had more roach but I ran out of daylight.

So this afternoon I abandoned the rivers and headed for The Farm in search of a PB crucian - my target is a three pounder - but wandering around talking to people I soon found out the fish weren't really playing. I did manage a crucian, although not the monster I was after. And a 4lb 9oz tench and a couple of little perch.

I've got one more day off and half a pint of maggots to drown... So try and find a roach or go back and try to better my bream? I'll sleep on it...

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