Saturday 25 June 2016

We're Out!

With the weather still playing havoc with the rivers James and I headed to The Farm in search of a 3lb crucian. To cut a long story short it was hard fishing.

I did manage a 1lb 7oz crucian (above) on float fished maggot fairly early on. And a 1lb 14½oz fish (below) on the lead towards the end of the day - how does something that bites so delicately on the float rip the rod round on the lead?

Discussing crucians on the way home we have decided to switch venues, there are three pounders here but they seem to be few and far between. And we're going to leave it a month or so, these fish are very hollow after spawning. Still, they are beautiful fish and always a pleasure to catch - I just want a three!

I also landed half a dozen or so tench to about 5lb, great fun on light line - so a good day despite not adding to the challenge. Trying to think what to target next, perhaps a big trout or possibly an eel...

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