Monday 8 February 2016

The Day I Quit Fishing

With my girlfriend away yesterday, I shot down the river for a couple of hours rolling meat. My target was the big chub I had spotted previously and on route I tried a few barbel holding areas.

I soon had little plucks at the meat before one slammed it, a barbel of about 4lb was safely in the net. On to the chub pegs but they didn't want to play so I continued further down the river and bumped into a mate of mine who always seems to bring me luck.

And this time was no exception, soon I felt a bang and good fish on - thanks Stu for net and photo duties. A nine pounder (above). I forgot to weigh the net after weighing her, she went 10lb 9oz in the net, the net weighs 1lb 8oz when totally soaked - which this time it wasn't, so I'd say about 9lb 4oz.

Anyway, best barbel of the season, and it was a brilliant couple of hours fishing.

Almost out of time I made my way back up the river and a quick roll in the chub swims on route. After bumping one fish I landed a chub about 3lb. One last swim…

I hit another fish and it was clearly a barbel, it didn't charge around the swim but it didn't want to meet me. It seemed to get more powerful as the fight went on, and just as I was thinking it must be caught in something it charged across the river, a big swirl and the biggest barbel I've ever seen beached itself in front of me. Abandoning the rod I jumped down and scooped it up with the net.

Or that's what I should have done. Instead I climbed down giving the barbel enough time to right itself and hammer down the river, I felt something rub against the line and all went solid. For 15 agonising minutes I pulled this way and that, I could feel it was still there but stuck - eventually I gave it some slack, hoping it would swim out by itself.

But no. I could no longer feel it, perhaps buried further in the snag or perhaps transferred the hook - I pulled for a break and the line snapped just above the hook. F**K!!

I chucked the kit in the bag, quit fishing forever and went to the pub.

Five or six hours later I decided to un-quit fishing - I'll be back for round two…


  1. I've quit fishing many times.

    1. I'm normally pretty philosophical but I think the lost roach from Friday was still on my mind. Can't win them all!

    2. Giving up is for quitters. Some days you win, some days the fish win. It's the circle of life or something like that.

    3. He who dares, wins, Rodney. Need to wrap up the Predator Challenge and then sit on the swim until I get a second chance!

  2. What about those big river crocodiles? Time you smashed that family record ;)