Thursday 18 February 2016

Work Balance

Dawn saw me on a new river trotting maggots for chub, and I was soon into some hard fighting fish - especially on light line. It's nice to dip my toe in some new water and 5 chub in a couple of hours was a great result. Somewhere I plan on exploring a lot more of in the summer.

Then home to do an illustration, which probably paid for my day. I was done by 2pm, with three hours of daylight left it was time to hit the local river.

Starting my quest for a bigger barbel (and because I was only 4lb away from 400lb). I was soon into the fish - about 4½lb, 4lb, 8lb, 7lb and 7½lb - starting to find the bigger barbel - still got time to track down a double!

That would be a perfect work / fishing balance if I had my way but I've got a couple of very busy weeks at work ahead - and I've got to find a predator... Wonder if I can hit 500lb of barbel this season?

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