Friday 11 December 2015

Jack's Pike #263


  1. "Errare humanum est..." Apart from totally flooded rivers, how important are the weather conditions, when fishing? Some say fish are like humans, and don't like cold, rainy days... Others say: do go out, when nobody else dares... What is your opinion/experience - ref. (good/bad) weather & fishing?

    1. I like low, clear rivers and grey overcast sky's for pike and perch. If there has been a frost it boosts my confidence with pike. And miserable weather for zeds - really don't mind if it's raining.

      But work and other stuff often dictates when I can get out, so I just go when I can and hope for the best.

      What are your thoughts?

    2. Yes, I don't mind the rain - less competition from other fisherman for the good spots on the bank. And at this time of the year, the best moment for pike can be around noon when at last the sun brings some warmth to a cold winter day.