Friday 4 December 2015


Today James and I headed down to the Lower Itchen, where we met Mick and Jeff, and we all had our own plans. I had a potential personal best chub, grayling or roach to target...

Using the stick and pin I had plenty of these - the best perhaps scraped the pound mark...

Quite a few of these - out of season trout...

And a ton of these!

But every time I spotted a slack that might contain a pike, the pin was abandoned for a float fished / wobbled deadbait... But unfortunately the pike didn't want to play today.

It's a beautiful stretch of river, with long glides, deep holes and plenty of fish. And good company as we leap-frogged our way up and down the stretch (me hoping one of the others had seen a pike each time our paths crossed), as we fished into dark.

A good day's fishing, and I'm sure other reports of our collective successes and failures will appear on the respective blogs over the weekend...


  1. Wasn't what I expected but beautiful scenery all the same and spent some time with the Cows, chatting away with them to decide what would be my best plan of action for Roach

    1. I think part of the problem was we paid to fish there so we stayed - should have continued exploring downstream.