Tuesday 29 December 2015

BH 8: Strike!

Last trip of the year, and possibly the season to Bury Hill in search of zander. James and I arrived just before sunset and learned that the going had become tough, barely anything had been caught over the last few days.

We weren't worried, a false sense of confidence had washed over us. And just when darkness had descended I had a good knock on the quivertip, time for my new strike... Test Strike #14b...

Test Strike #14b: Standing a short way from the rod I dashed over to it and slipped on the wet wooden platform. I took out the back rod-rest with a sliding tackle while kicking the rod in the air with the other foot. A couple of fumbled attempts to catch it before it clattered to the floor where I eventually grabbed it and struck. It didn't work! The fish was long gone - best stick to the standard strike!

But I have found a real problem with the cut out the run approach; I need bites to keep me hovering in position - every half an hour or even every hour - otherwise I want to chat, eat my crisps etc.

It was nearly 4 hours before I got my next bites - yeah, after waiting ages for a bite both rods were away at exactly the same moment. Standing back chatting to James (probably something about a certain 20lb pike) I raced over and struck the quivertip - missed. I quickly struck the float - hit.

It stayed deep and put up a good scrap - a stocky 7lb 14½oz zander to save a blank. Thanks James for the use of your net, unhooking mat and weigh sling - save getting mine wet for one fish!

Predator Challenge: 274lb 2oz. And I'm hoping to wrap it up with a pike or two...


  1. Well in that man, yea next time I will try to distract you a little better, the plan almost worked......

    1. Was looking at a crushing defeat, couldn't buy a bite - but one good fish and the trip isn't only saved but made!