Saturday 31 October 2015

Trick Or Treat?

James and I headed down to the Haunted River (The Stour), the plan was to chase fearsome pike in the morning and spooky chub in the afternoon/evening...

But the water was as red as blood, boiling like a witch's cauldron and as fast as a bat out of hell - basically flooded and rising like mad...

And the fish were ghostly in their absence - they weren't feeding...

Just two small jacks added 4½lb to the challenge - better than a blank - and a last minute monster perch (below) saved the trip...

Happy Halloween.


  1. Tough day weren't it mate !, we will get em but hold thought on that its time to fish our little slice of angling heaven! Roll on Thursday!!!!!

    1. Think we both did well to avoid a blank to be honest. Roll on Thursday - two more sleeps!

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