Saturday 8 August 2015

Tidal Tackle

The plan for the day was to continue my perch quest, this time on the Thames. I ordered a new rod online from a company called Tidal Tackle early Tuesday and was expecting it to arrive in my office on Wednesday - nope. Nor Thursday or Friday either - rather crap service - either it takes them a week to put it in a tube or they sent it by carrier sloth!

New plan, take my barbel tally up to 70 fish, and hopefully find some bigger ones. I soon had a barbel of about 2½lb - so much for the bigger fish. And working my way down stream I found some more 7lb 11oz, 7lb 15oz (my best of the season so far, I shook the scales but couldn't make it an eight) and 6lb 0oz. And even a couple of bonus chub to 3½lb.

But I needed one more and after a bit of searching I landed one about 4½lb - 70 barbel, get in!! Job done I headed for home, while on the train I realised I started the day on 64 fish not 65... Aggh - I would have stayed out if I had known. Season total 69 barbel, I'll be back...


  1. This time last year I was on 2 barbel, so a target of 100 is definitely on the radar. And as far as I can tell only two are recaptures this season.

  2. The carrier sloth has sprained his ankle, luckily the carrier slug was available.