Monday 17 August 2015

Escape To The Farm VII

Saturday saw the last trip of the year to The Farm, hoping to bag another crucian or two before it gets too cold. And the plan was to split the day between the two lakes.

Match lake: Time to get some fish on the scorecard before heading to the specimen pond, but they didn't want to play. Small perch after small perch on maggot, prawn and pellet - with a few skimmers mixed in - this wasn't the plan...

With a quarter of a million small perch on the books it was time to head to the specimen pond - I smelt a BBQ on route, mmm cheeseburger!

Specimen pond: Crucian time, nope, small roach after small roach - they really weren't playing.

I only heard of one tench caught on the complex all day and by 3pm I had the place virtually to myself. I stuck it out until dark, after all you only need that one magic bite to make your day... But it wasn't my day...

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