Saturday 29 August 2015

Sunset Strip

I needed one more barbel to make it seventy this season. With September and October looking like really busy months, and months I really should be cracking on with the predator challenge - this afternoon was all about barbel.

The plan was to get barbel seventy on the books as quickly as possible then try and find some bigger fish. Barbel first cast, about 1½lb - part one done!

Part two didn't go exactly to plan, I struggled to find fish and I knew the rain was coming. I landed three more little splashers of 2lb, 1½lb and 1lb - so much for the bigger fish.

Then it started to rain - I stuck it out - it's only rain. And the barbel switched on, I landed four more in quick succession, 4½lb, 4½lb, 2lb and a 6lb 13oz barbel to end on - not a monster but I was more than happy.

Eight barbel for 22lb 13oz plus about half a dozen chub thrown in for good measure - a great afternoon.

Season now stands at 77 barbel for 284lb 9oz. My best so far is 7lb 15oz, perhaps a change of tactic is required for the bigger fish?


  1. I think you need to move stretches mate as you,re catching the same fish over and over .

  2. Previous comment deleted, can't be arsed to be nice to people having a go. Over half the river covered, bound to get a recapture once in a while. Well done for never catching the same fish twice Bill mate.

  3. That,s when I move rivers normally Brian .Not having a go .