Friday 22 August 2014

SB5: Dan Approved!

Since my post this morning I've done 2 train journeys, caught 6 tubes and 2 buses. I've had 2 meetings, a spot of lunch, popped home to change and grab my gear, and gone over to grab Dan's gear...

Back on the river by 5. With the river a foot higher and coloured we opted for static baits, Dan taking my swim from this morning, me breaking in just below.

Long story short - one bite between us, Dan taking the honours...

Normally at this point I say fantastic fight - but in this case it wasn't; the barbel went straight though a branch that was floating down then though a big clump of weed, after it kicked about for a bit I netted the whole 25lb bunch downstream.

But a fantastic 8lb 14oz barbel - top stuff!


  1. The Dan Strikes Back!
    I see he's gone from barbel mustaches to barbel beards. That's fishing evolution right there.

    1. His first barbel in over a year - a very happy chap!