Friday 22 August 2014

Dawn Raid: Barbel

Very quick morning mission to do some baiting up and free-line a bait to any fish I spotted. The first fish I spotted was about 4lb and had managed to fine a spot that was impossible to get a cast to even in this small river, I gave him some free samples for good luck.

After wandering about for a bit I spotted 3 barbel in a row, a big one and two small ones and soon had them mopping up the free samples. First cast, come on the big one... One of the small ones nailed it, still a cracking fight and a fish is a fish - it's been a while!

Cue much commotion, including me sliding down the bank into the water to net the fish and a 3lb 7oz barbel was mine - mission accomplished (although the photo was blurry). Once the fish swam away strongly I climbed back up the bank and amazingly the other two barbel were still there - and soon mopping up the free samples again.

I repeated the process, come on the big one - yes! Another fantastic fight and a 7lb 7oz barbel was mine. Once released I climbed the bank again - and the other small barbel was still there! It would be rude not have a go, 2lb 1oz, three fish in three casts - just what the doctor ordered!

Out of time, I made sure he swam away strongly before I headed for home. Free-lined luncheon meat marinated in our new SB5 did the trick. Hopefully back out later...

Oh yeah, to the owner of the size 4 barbed hook tied to what looked like 3lb line - I found your hook - it was in the lip of the seven pounder - barbless hooks and a bit beefier gear next time, please!


  1. About blasted time too!, and I echo your opinion on the hook situation, micro barb at the absolute most and certainly step up the line a couple of notches 6lb+. Well in mate.

    1. Tell me about it! Tried not to preach, but in a small river full of snags it did seem a bit wreakless using that kind of gear.