Tuesday 17 June 2014

Got One!

For me, the first barbel of the season isn't about the size of the fish, it's about the size of the bite - and this little barbel tried to rip the rod in - fantastic!

Back to the river this afternoon and the plan was to spend an hour or so fish spotting, but the river was still coloured - I would have needed x-ray glasses, polaroids wouldn't cut it. A second chuck it and chance it mission then. A bait and wait approach today after God knows how many miles I walked yesterday.

Patience paid off with a barbel just over a pound above, and a 7lb 10oz barbel below - get in!

I had enough bait (for both the fish and me) to stick it out to dawn if I caught a fish but there was tonnes of weed washing through - some clumps as big as me, so when it got too dark to spot them I headed to the nearest pub for a celebratory pint. No questions where I'm heading tomorrow then.

Oh yeah, the only other fish I caught was a very dead gudgeon - well most of it - looked like it had been dead for a while... But I've been told it doesn't count!

I did have a few breaks from iceberg spotting giant weed raft spotting to play our new football game. Out on Android now, just search for 'Stick Soccer' it's free and great fun (although I would say that). Apple version is out tomorrow.

Give it a try and if you think you can beat me, friend me on Facebook (I'll know you're a fisherman because you'll probably be wearing a hat in your profile photo), in the game click 'Find Friends' and click on the Facebook icon... Bring it on!


  1. You did it. Congratulations!

    "Size of the bite"...funny :)

    1. Thanks. That first 3 foot twitch of the season is pretty exciting!

  2. Well done Brian! Managed Monday out on the bank with a new PB 10lb Ghost Common and a good Chub of 3lb. Heard some positive news about other bites from the stretch of Wandle I was fishing as well. Still continuing my 2 year wait for a Barbel though....

    1. Cheers, and congratulations on the PB, that's a great ghost. Two year wait? That is going to be so great when you hit one - this is the season - good luck!