Wednesday 18 June 2014

Day Three...

A beautiful afternoon on the river, until I saw the water conditions - it was the colour of weak tea and had a ton of weed washing through, worse than yesterday.

I'm back at work tomorrow and today there was nowhere else I'd rather be so I persevered, I think the line was collecting weed at the rate of 2lb per minute. But I did get my chance; just before dark I had the three-foot-twitch and a screaming baitrunner - and I struck into thin air - it happens.

Looking back it was a lot of fishing for two barbel, I could have spent the three days on a still water bagging up on tench or carp - but barbel would have been on my mind. Think it was the right call - probably would be saying something else if it was a total blank!

Barbel - I'll be back...


  1. River is back on for then I see.

    1. Don't know what's wrong with it, been like it for a while apparently... We'll see how it looks today...

    2. When I got here it was low and clear, ideal for a bit of barbel spotting. Within an hour it was rising, grey and full of crap - don't think they'll feed in this. What is going on? Time to track down a Thames barbel I think...