Sunday 29 June 2014

Down On The Farm 6

What a difference a day makes... Back to The Farm today to continue bagging up on tench and perhaps a crucian or two, but the fishing gods had other ideas.

I didn't struggle to count them today, a 5lb 4oz new personal best and one about three pounds all day - it was not fishing well, everyone on the lakes had a hard time of it.

I was joined by James, straight off the plane from his holiday, and having read about my success yesterday we thought we were on to a winner - he faired slightly better than me - but a new PB, who's complaining!

Oh fickle lakes we will be back...

A photo I like from yesterday, rediscovered today.


  1. Nice. Looks like a great alternative to some bad conditions locally.

    1. Cheers. When I read that I thought you meant your locally, 'cause Captain Stingray is over in a week's time... But I presume you meant mine - going to give the river another bash in the next few days - want at least 10 barbel from there this summer!

  2. Well I did mean over with you, but we have tropical storm Arthur working its way here up the Atlantic so we'll see.