Sunday 29 September 2013

Summer Fishing 2013

I can sum up this seasons summer campaign in three words:
Not enough time.

The lists are pretty short, Me: Five barbel, 3 carp, 2 jacks and a handful of chub, eels and small fish. And Dan's is even worse: Five barbel. Although I should mention one of them was a double of exactly 10lb - fish of the season so far.

Sometimes work just gets in the way of fishing... Need to buy a lottery ticket!

Later today I'm of to deepest Africa* in search of a moray eel. Well, I'm going with my girlfriend so I'm sure we'll be doing the tourist things, but I'm taking my kit so hopefully I'll get a trip or two in!

And when I get back it'll be pike time - really hoping to get some proper time on the riverbank over the winter...

I've got a challenge to crack...

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