Wednesday 2 January 2013

Off And Running 2013

Dan and I decided to try and get our first fish of 2013, we were after a January barbel. We fished the last two hours of daylight and the first two hours of dark in a leap-frog fashion, covering as much water as we could.

And it wasn't looking good, we arrived at our second-last spots in the dark without a bite between us. My first cast did get some attention, but it looked very chubby. Then Dan started getting a mini-bite, after a few knocks he hit it, barbel on.

A large stick caught on the line which made things tricky but after a couple of minutes barbel and stick were landed. A 4lb 8oz January barbel, nice one...

Running out of time we both fished the last spot where I was briefly in the action, felt like a good fish, until the hook pulled - can't win them all. I need to crack on and get my January barbel before the cold weather arrives!


  1. Yay, I seem to have fixed my commenting... No sure how though!

  2. Nice work Dan. Beautiful looking golden fish. Many more for 2013!!