Sunday 6 January 2013

Important Pike (To Me)

This is the first twenty I ever saw, caught by my Dad. I can't remember it as I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time... But I'm pretty sure it left a lasting impression on my subconscious!

This is the biggest one I've ever seen in the flesh, landed at about 36½lb, weighed in at 34lb (after it coughed up a salmon). I even caught the tiny dace live-bait it took a fancy to.

And this is the one to beat, Paulos with a beautiful 25lb 10oz Wye pike - a Roberts record held since December 1995!


  1. I look awesome!!


    1. Can't believe the record is 17 years old... What have I been playing at?

      Wye is back in it's banks, so fingers crossed I'll be back to have a blast at cracking it soon, needs time to settle.

      Also made a better way to track the river levels:

  2. Yeah I can't believe its been 17 years since I caught that fish, amazing. Where has the time gone? Oh yeah, I've done a lot of fishing since then!!
    That was a glorious morning in my piking career, hard frost on the ground and the pike stacked up on a vast shoal of bleak.
    That stretch produced a few monsters for sure and was the sight of a morhen disappearing in a big swirl of mottled green one day. The only time I've ever seen that.
    So I guess the message is, stop messing about and go catch a giant!! Then I'll have a goal to chase when I'm over.

    1. Right I'm on it... Just need a break in the weather!