Saturday 24 November 2012

Leaves & TV

The plan to spend the day on the river was scuppered by having to work this morning, but me and Dan managed to hit the river at about 1.30pm in the pouring rain. It's still like leaf soup and in among all the real leaves I managed to catch these plastic ones... What are the odds?

Only one real bite this afternoon, Dan was briefly hooked into what looked like a very big fish, but it managed to straighten the hook, ah well, next time... Not what we said at the time!

On route home I bumped into James from My Fishing Exploits and he'd bagged up today, probably worth checking out his blog later.


Edit: The problem with it getting dark so early is I'm now faced with evening tv, in the summer we could hit the river about five or six, fish for five hours, quick pint or two and perhaps a Family Guy.

Tonight I was faced with Strictly Come Dancing and The Killing, my girlfriend talks about these a lot, but I still hadn't guessed what I'd let myself in for...

Strictly Come Dancing: A group of D list celebrities are given a week to learn a dance, then a panel of 'experts' slag them off when they get it wrong. OK it was only an hour... No! Results show on Sunday and a catch up every day of the week... Somehow I don't think I'm going to get hooked!

The Killing: Extremely slow-paced Danish crime drama with subtitles, I'm not sure if anything happened, and goody, there was a second one straight after... I soon stopped reading the subtitles and made up my own story. And there's only another dozen or so episodes before they find the killer. I couldn't help thinking they should send Lewis or Frost over, I'm sure they could crack it in a two-hour special...

But then again I'm sure telly addicts think us fishermen are mad!


  1. But a Sunday roast in front of an edge-of-the-seat finish to the 2012 Grand Prix season restored my faith in TV... Wonder what's on tonight?

  2. Strictly Come Fishing: A group of D list celebrities are given a week to learn angling, then a panel of 'experts' slag them off when they get it wrong.

    1. I really hope that never happens!

    2. And Now for Something Completely Different27 November 2012 at 17:10

      Fishing With John Episode 2 - Jamaica with Tom Waits

    3. A list celebrity1 December 2012 at 20:51


  3. Replies
    1. Actually watched the first season of Homeland, it all built to what promised to be an explosive conclusion... Then a second season was commissioned and it all built to nothing happening... Load of cr*p!