Monday 26 November 2012

Jack's Pike: Book 3

Everything that has a beginning has an end...

Work, wives, chores... Nothing is going to get in the way of that monster pike! Jack and Bob are back and it’s getting serious. Meet some old friends and prepare for some skiving, excuses and an extraordinary amount of time on the riverbank...

Available from Lulu
Black & White - Just £5.49 +p&p
Glorious Colour - £13.99 +p&p

• Comic strips 201 - 300
• Bob at work
• A trip to Penton Hook
• More tips, seagulls and bleak
• Sausage sandwiches!


A few facts:
Volume 1: I wrote 110 strips and rejected the worst 10.
Volume 2: I wrote 150 strips and selected the best 100.
Volume 3: I wrote over 300 strips and I have loads left over for V4 & 5.

Initially I wrote 12 strips and thought that would be it.

If you wait to see them on this website, strip number 300 will appear on Friday 26 August 2016.

The price increase is Lulu not me.

I'm sure I could have thought of something better to do with my time!


Volumes One and Two are still available from Lulu, priced just £4.99 each for the black & white version or get them in glorious colour for £12.99 each +p&p, click here.

*This isn't really the end.


Bob Roberts review and more sample strips can be found on his website - here. Thanks Bob.


  1. From Russia, With Love26 November 2012 at 18:25

    Order placed for Vol.3 - looking forward to reading it!
    PS: nice fur chapka, comrade - perfect for ice fishing...

    1. Hallo Comrade, thanks for buying, hope you enjoy the book!

    2. Early xmas present :)1 December 2012 at 16:47

      Received Vol.3 today - excellent! Loads of fun... and a privilege to chat with the author :)

    3. That's great, really pleased you enjoyed it!

      Great when you talk about chatting with the author and I don't look at a computer for a few days!

      Happy Early Christmas!!

      Cheers Brian

  2. Nice books Mr....Not so sure about the headwear though lol.
    Not been fishing for over a week now, but hopefully I can fit some in at the weekend, DIY allowing, on the hunt for the Roach and the elusive Trout, got a tip off on some Perch at the Piscators meeting on Saturday night too. Also managed to volunteer to be membership secretary as well....

    1. It's my standing on the banks of the freezing Wye hat.. Looks daft, but after a couple of hours the other anglers are jealous.

      James managed 10 trout on Saturday, so they're on the feed - still need one for my species list.

      And I've found a shoal of perch, only small ones from what I can see, but if your Piscators tip doesn't pay off I'll email you the location.

  3. Well this one is flying of the shelves... Can you do me a favour - if you've bought it (and you like it) can you pop back to and rate it - thanks.

    Cheers, Brian