Saturday 20 October 2012

PH3: Slabs & Slimy Things

Another trip to Penton Hook, and a plan; one rod for bream and a pike rod each. Things started off well, I had a small bream about 2lb on the fourth cast laying down a carpet of bait...

Darren soon had an eel about 1lb, a 8oz roach, this hybrid about 1lb 8oz and an aborted run on his pike rod...

But then things slowed right down. Time for lunch, what will it be today? Well there is no point breaking from tradition (we also had bacon sandwiches). Cooking these attracted every dog on the island...

About an hour later I heard a shout from Dan, I ran for net duty and was met with the biggest bream I've ever seen. 6lb 4oz, his first ever bream and an absolute monster. Slab number one!

Darren (our resident bream expert) was next into the action with this cracking 5lb 5oz fish. Slab number two!

OK, I didn't manage a slab, but this fantastic 2lb 4oz eel made up for it, although he didn't want a photo with me - they are so tricky to hold for a photo...

I did manage a second bream of 2lb 4oz (my fifth bream ever) and Darren wrapped things up with a bootlace eel.

And the pike, they didn't want to play today, we'll be back!


  1. Glad to see Darren and Dan showing you how its done! lol
    You can chalk bream of your list now, wd.

    1. I tried baiting and waiting, I put a ton of bait in one swim before Dan popped in for one cast - six pounder! Darren tried a bunch of spots before he found his bream... Think I'm going to have to do a bit more research.

      Really want a five pounder before I cross them off my list, but next time it's going to be pike all the way!

  2. Those river bream look fantastic. Looks like a great day.


    1. Cheers. Most people don't rate bream as good sport, they're 'easy' to catch and don't but up much of a fight. But as a new species to me I find them pretty interesting... What to catch a five plus before it get too cold.