Monday 1 October 2012

Barbel Challenge So Far...

October has arrived and the Barbel Challenge is about to get a lot tougher, the last two seasons have produced very few winter barbel but we're so close to cracking it.

Another nineteen pounds and we're there, so a few early October sessions should be in order. And at our current average we'd only need 3 more fish to hit the target!

I've been reading about winter barbel fishing and it would be great to land at least one fish each month of the season, a mini challenge...

June77lb 7oz 145lb 8oz10lb 6oz
July30lb 15oz 56lb 3oz7lb 13oz
Aug86lb 9oz 136lb 10oz10lb 8oz
Sept86lb 5oz117lb 13oz 10lb 6oz
 281lb 4oz 436lb 9oz 10lb 8oz


  1. Pop art? Looks like an fisherman's version of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Prints.

  2. Can you just add in two of Rogers fish as ringers and call it a done deal:)

    1. So close now, just 14lb to go... Then it's pike time!